5 Things You Didn’t Know About Hunting and Fishing in Colorado

Skiing isn’t the only game in town — hunting and fishing are big in Colorado too. These recreational sports do much more than offer a fun, challenging pastime: Sportsmen help keep the Centennial State thriving. Hunters and anglers have a vested interest in conserving wildlife and educating others about the importance of wildlife management, since doing so directly impacts the activities they are passionate about. From contributing funds to the local economy to supporting wildlife management, we love our hunters and anglers — and you should too. Here are five reasons to go out and hug a hunter or an angler as thanks for their part in keeping our state so special.

Native Species Protection
Do you know the role that hunters and anglers play in supporting the abundance and diversity of our 960 species of wildlife? The revenue generated by sportsmen supports all of our wildlife management efforts. This allows Colorado to protect and reintroduce native species like the Rocky Mountain Elk. The state’s ongoing conservation of the Gunnison sage-grouse — which only lives on approximately 10 percent of its original range — has been funded largely by hunting and fishing licensing fees.

Population Management
Without hunting and fishing, the populations of the animal species in Colorado would expand beyond their natural habitats, placing humans and wildlife at a greater risk of potentially dangerous interactions. Additionally, overpopulation makes the wildlife more prone to starvation and other health problems. Sportsmen keep the herds under control for optimal health and sustainability.

Resource Conservation
The revenue generated by hunting and fishing licenses helps protect, conserve and beautify Colorado’s 66 million acres of land. Sportsmen are a vital link to keeping our state beautiful. The funds allow us to safeguard waterways, conserve forests and open spaces, maintain the quality of our rivers and support wildlife habitats.

Habitat Enhancement
The funds generated through hunting and fishing provide much-needed resources to restore and protect wildlife habitats that support healthy native animal populations. This also helps us sustain our native plant species and buy water rights. Some of the funds are also used to operate fish hatcheries that maintain healthy stock in rivers and lakes.

Sustain and Support Jobs
Hunting and fishing sustain and support 27,000 jobs in Colorado, and generate $2.8 billion in our economy — an economic contribution that’s on par with the ski industry. The revenue generated from hunting and fishing licenses go toward the conservation of Colorado’s natural beauty and diverse wildlife. Hunting is also one of the only recreational activities that benefits every county in the state, including rural communities that rely heavily on the business generated during hunting and fishing season.

Thanks to sportsmen, Colorado continues to impress visitors and locals alike with its beautiful landscapes and diverse and impressive wildlife populations. Their activities have a direct impact on the health of our state’s abundant wildlife and natural resources. For more information, feel free to check out our website for additional resources…afterward, you may want to hug a hunter or an angler!