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Hunting and Fishing: Keeping Herds Healthy

Licensing fees are an important part of financing the management and protection of wildlife and their habitats. But that’s not the only way that hunting and fishing are helping our wildlife:

  • Collected revenues go to the protection and reintroduction of native species, including lynx, boreal toad, and greater sage grouse.
  • Hunting keeps herd numbers at a level the habitat can support, keeping our wildlife resources and herds healthy and sustainable.
  • Helping to finance the identification and protection of species that are deemed “of special concern, threatened or endangered”.
  • Hunting is necessary in maintaining healthy and diverse populations of wildlife.

Professional wildlife management Impacting Colorado

Gunnison Sage-grouse only inhabit 10 percent of their original range. They once ranged throughout Southwestern Colorado and into parts of Utah and New Mexico. Colorado Parks and Wildlife and other state and federal agencies have joined forces to create a range-wide conservation plan.