The Wildlife Management Public Education Fund

By statute, the Wildlife Council’s mandated mission is to oversee the design of a comprehensive media-based public information program to educate the general public about the benefits of wildlife, wildlife management, and wildlife-related recreational opportunities in Colorado, specifically hunting and fishing.

The Council, formally known as the Colorado Wildlife Management Public Education Advisory Council (WMPEAC), was conceived and developed by a coalition of hunters, anglers and conservationists working together with livestock and agricultural organizations, and created in state law by the Colorado legislature in 1998. The Council retains an advertising agency responsible for planning and executing the media strategy on which Council members give input. The Director of Colorado Parks and Wildlife appoints Council members and holds final approval authority for campaign plans.


The program is funded by a 75 cent surcharge on each hunting and fishing license sold.

The Nimrod Society Presents: The History of the Wildlife Council

We are a group of avid sportsmen working to create self-funding state and national education programs aimed at educating the public about the important role that hunters and anglers play in society. The goal is to develop these public education programs based upon the model developed in Colorado State.