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Public Awareness Videos

Most Coloradans have no idea that fees from hunters and anglers pay for the protection of wildlife and the open spaces they call home. The Wildlife Council of Colorado hired an advertising agency to help them educate the general public about the benefits hunting and fishing bring to our state. The council’s most recent campaign targeted non-hunters and anglers with one simple message: Once you understand everything hunters and anglers do for our state, you may want to give them a hug. This message translated to TV, radio and online banner ads. The campaign is part of a five-year effort to help The Wildlife Council expand its message from traditional to digital, social and emerging media.


2015/16 – Hug A Hunter

2015/16 – Hug An Angler

2013/14 – Hug A Hunter

2013/14 – Hug An Angler

2012/13 – Hug a Hunter

2012/13 – Hug an Angler

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2010/11 – Legacy

2010/11 – Fisherman

2009/10 – Choices

2009/10 – Beauty

2008/09 – Sportsmen Protect

2008/09 – Fly Fishing

2007/08 – Species

2007 – No Tax Dollars

2006/07 – Metaphors